No love for the Love Food Festival!

The Street Feast festival has been renamed the Love Food Festival and we were ready for it!

Last year was awesome…the venue was great (The Corniche), entry was free…logic if you’re going to pay to eat and drink! Kids could scoot or bike around…great outdoors activities to burn off those calories!

But then this year someone had the bright idea to revamp everything: entry to Mushrif Central Park (5 dhs), entry to the festival (30 dhs if bought online and 40 dhs at the door), kids activities (20 dhs each though it was advertised as having a great kids corner) and finally the food (from 30 dhs to 45 dhs for a meal and 20-30 dhs for a drink)…I mean when do you actually say enough?  I had to pay for that princess makeover!!!! 👑👑👑

The food was great but the formula was wrong!!!! Some of the much anticipated trucks were back as well as some new ones! I got to sample all of the food I was looking forward to as well as a few new ones!



I had a grilled cheese sandwich with Stilton and pastrami as well as another one with goat cheese, honey and walnuts! Yum! (Not pictured)!

I also had one of the best fried chicken I’ve had in a long time from The other side! Another favorite was the chicken po’boy and sweet potato fries from Dixie Union! The Cajun spices were everything! To top it off, the drinks from Tonic were off the chain…both taste and presentation! Last but not least the ice pops from Hip Pop were exactly that: hip and popping! The concept is great…choose a flavor, a dip and a topping, all for 25 dhs! #delicious

So as you can see, I did get my food fix but will I be back next year based on that alone…No! The cost was too high for a family day out and I can tell you there’s nothing more that discourages people more than that…my daughter’s nursery teacher turned back out of principle! She said it was a rip off! The park was full of people who didn’t come in because of the entry fee…I mean once in you don’t have a choice but to spend money and that should be enough!

Well I am now looking forward to Toast Europe on March 11th at the DU Forum, from 3 pm onwards!!! Free kids activities, and 2 food vouchers + 1 drink voucher all for 100 dhs! Oh and all under 21 get in FREE!!!



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