Black and White styling!

So my sis turned 40 and she wanted a fancy dinner! So which better setting than the Jumeirah Etihad Towers?!

I’m a bit late posting this  since this was in December…the setting was beautiful and so were we! We chose a Black & White theme just to make things a bit more interesting!


I kept things quite casual with black jeans, black shoes and white shirt with cutouts.


My sister turned 40 this year and she is on fiiiiiire!!! #goals #fab40 #40isthenew30 #werk


My friend Shade also played along and was on theme with a white dress and black shoes. Both ladies were a bit more dressed up than I was…what can I say, a girl can only go with her mood of the day! And I was out and about the whole day so all I had to do was swap the top and shoes and be on my way!


Here’s a closeup of my babies…the shoes of course! From ALDO! Top from H&M and jeans from EXPRESS…All contributed to a very cute, casual look for a fun night out!

Until next year…enjoy your 40th year sisi!


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