Brownies Sleepover!

20151120_13550520151120_13564720151120_13584920151120_135841My baby girl is growing up! She went on a sleepover on her own with her Brownies unit (a version of the Girl Scouts) and she was super excited! It helped that she was wit Jadesola…or I am in denial about how independent my baby really is!20151120_135619

Here she is rocking her uniform and her twistout…favorite hairstyle of the moment! #teamnatural #happytobenappy

Though I did enjoy my time with my little babies…conversations were a tad bit simpler! The joy of motherhood! 😉



Abu Dhabi Science Festival



It was the perfect weather to take my lolitas out to the AFSF at the Mushrif Central Park. They all had tons of fun and learned something at the same time.  My kind of fun!


Water Lights Graffiti @ Abu Dhabi Science Fair

My girl was all hands on deck at the ADSF, perfecting her personal logo i.e. her name! Perfect educational and fun afternoon! The concept was quite cool: a black board, a paintbrush and water…the kids could draw, write whatever they wanted and it would light up as soon as the wet brush touched the board!


The place was packed so I couldn’t avoid the occasional photo bomb!


Walnut ice cream cake

Let’s just say someone is in a hungry and lovey dovey mood this morning!


Walnut Ice Cream cake

How to make ice cream without an ice machine?

We always wanted to make ice cream , but unfortunately we have no ice machine. We thought is there maybe no any other way to make ice cream ? And after some research, we finally found a recipe. And we must say its yummie too! Last week we made this delicious Walnut ice cream cake.

This is a great alternative for those who have no ice machine at home like us.
Lets start and make some delicious ice creammm 😀


  • 6/7 thin slices of butter cake without crust (homemade cake or if you have no time to make it yourself just buy at the supermarket.)
  • 150 grams of walnuts
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 150 grams of sugar
  • 3 cups whipping cream (a 250 ml)
  • meringues


– Cover the spring form with a sheet of parchment paper.
– Cover the bottom…

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Fried ice cream!

I just had to reblog this…if you’re like me and think your kids would go bananas about this! Can’t wait to try and post my pics!


Twins Fried ice cream

Delicious ice dessert with a hot crunchy crust.

We remember last year around this time after we finished dinner, our lovely sister in law said:  Lets make some fried ice cream! We were like ” WHAT”?   We went to the kitchen and she showed us how. We were amazed how quick and easy it was to make. Never thought you could actually combine hot and cold. And its so sooo yummie!  From then we make it very often, we are crazy about it.  And we thought you guys may like it too. You can use any flavor of ice cream and all kinds of toppings like chocolate sauce etc.


-Ice cream (any flavor)
-Sliced white bread
– beaten egg
– bread crumbs
-oil for frying


1.        Prepare the ice and make scoops
2/3.  Wrap the scoop in plastic foil, and put it in the…

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My babies at Halloween!!! Future divas!!!

Here are my gorgeous baby girls for Halloween!

Khadyja went for Vampire Princess! We went for some Bantu knots for the quircky effect and the heavy black eyeliner as well as the dark purple lips! She then complemented it all with the tiara (look how she wore it!!!) and the cape…get it??? Tiara + Cape = Vampire Princess! She nailed it…I was more than happy to assist!



My sweet little Ina! She was a red-haired vampire! She couldn’t be scary if she tried! And as you can see (2nd photo) she has lost her two front teeth and that added a tiny bit of spookiness to her smile! LOL!



And the best for last…my baby Kiki aka Elsa for the day!!!! She was blond for one night!!! Though I don’t believe that is really her color, LOL, I still think she was the cuteness!!!! So adorbs…LOVE HER!!!! And she rocked it the whole time…future diva!!!


Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween…we did and they had a major loot!


#workhard #playhard

This was my backdrop at work yesterday: the gorgeous Marina @ the Marina Mall!

I kept it simple and casual mainly because I had no clue my day would take me to a yacht…amen to having rich clients! 😉

Otherwise my go to outfit for a nautical theme would have been white linen pants, blue shirt (denim or the navy blue version of the one I had on) with white sandals (walking on heels to get to the yacht was not the easiest feat)!


A selfie!


The gorgeous backdrop and Abu Dhabi skyline!

20151108_103212 20151108_102921 20151108_102917

It was overall a gorgeous day to be out and about!

#luckygirl #playhard #workhard #inabudhabi #myabudhabi